Boomerang Love - Healing, Empowerment & Freedom from Abuse
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Boomerang Love??  Borderline Personality Disorder??

Breaking Free from Boomerang Love, by Lynn Melville
Lynn Melville, author, Boomerang Love

Author Lynn Melville

Living in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde relationship can be very confusing, until we learn about Borderline Personality Disorder. I wrote my book Boomerang Love as I crawled out of my own pain with a Borderline partner.

Boomerang Love describes the on-again, off-again behavior some of us have engaged in with our love relationships. We leave the painful relationship ... then go back to it ... then leave it ... then go back to it ... over ... and over ... and over.

Through the daily readings and affirmations in Boomerang Love, you’ll be led into an inspirational, experiential journey as seen through the eyes of a partner to someone suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder. Boomerang Love progresses from the silent withdrawals to the exploding rages of the Borderline - from the fearful, walking - on - eggshells behavior to the ultimate healing and empowerment of the partner.




Boomerang Love describes how the partner of the Borderline repeatedly leaves the relationship, only to return to it again and again, desperately trying to fix an illness of which they don't even know the name - and which only the Borderline can fix, with professional mental health help.

In reading Boomerang Love, you'll:

  • Re-feel and finish grieving your own pain
  • Laugh and then watch your denial disappear
  • Achieve a new strength to stand up for yourself
  • Re-connect and reach for guidance from the God of your understanding

The object of Boomerang Love is to help you reconnect with yourself - who you are and what you're feeling in the relationship you're in. Our feelings are what lead us to the actions we need to take.

Our heads have known all along what we needed to do ....

Lynn Melville

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Introduction - Lynn's path to writing this powerful, straight talk book

Boomerang Love, Roller Coaster Grief and Most Valuable Dog

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Quotes from Reality Checks book

Table of Contents
Boomerang Love

332 pages

About the Author
About Ashleigh Brilliant
Boomerang Love, Roller Coaster Grief and Most Valuable Dog
Booby-Trapped Love
The Day I Cried “Uncle”
Alone . . . and Stuck . . . in Our Grief
The Brain as a Plastic Purse
Near Death Experience of the Self, the Soul, the Spirit
The Burning Corral
Compromise and Dignity
Stop Blaming Yourself for Feeling Tricked
Riding the Horse in the Direction It’s Going
Perspective on the Journey (Most Valuable Dog Revisited)
The Three A’s – Awareness, Acceptance and Action
It’s Not About You – It’s About Your Partner
Relationship as a Cancelable Contract
It’s Not Our Fault, It’s Not Our Fault, It’s Not Our Fault
Bottom Lines for Partners of Borderlines
I Can’t Change Anyone (But Sometimes I Wish To)
Setting and Enforcing Boundaries
How Did This Happen? How Did My Sweet Love Relationship Get So Bad?
Addictive Relationships, Lines in the Sand and Quacking Ducks
Intellectual Acceptance vs. Emotional Acceptance
Black and White Love – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
The Moving Target Defense
B-O-N-K ! Medicine
The No Fun House at the Carnival
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
The Gift in an Ugly Package
Feelings = Facts = Action
Doors That Open and Doors That Close
BPD Magnets – Bears to the Honey
Blaming: A Game Called Dodge Ball
The Stench with No Name
Orange juice and door knobs
Patience for Borderlines
But Who Knew?
Perfect Partner to the Borderline
Feeling Tricked . . . and Betrayed
Borderline Footprints in the Sand
Borderline Resistant at Last
Borderline Preparedness
Rules for Living with a Borderline (Pardon Us While We Vent)
Heroes vs. Martyrs
The Cowardly Lion: Courage vs. Wisdom
The Tin Man: An Unbreakable Heart?
Ten-Cow People
Our Mission
Trying to Help . . . Just One More Time
Get Out of Hell Free coupon
Borderline Awakenings
In Defense of Ourselves
Will We Ever Really Be Safe?
Aftermath Recovery
The Incredible Walking Door Mat
Identity: Who Am I?
Potpourri – Reality Ticklers
Definitions and Behavior Descriptions
Resources and Tools
Red Flags
Guidelines for Leaving a Borderline Relationship
Domestic Violence – Safety Plan Guidelines

The World of the Borderline’s Partner
The Borderline Speaks


Does your partner act like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
Click here to study 80 Red Flag behaviors that indicate the
possible presence of Borderline Personality Disorder.


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